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Super Duper Garage Sale Offseason

The Super Duper Garage Sale has become an event that many shoppers and sellers look forward to every January in Colorado. The event started in 1993 with a small idea and big aspirations. Shoppers flock to the annual event, in large part, because of our great vendors that sell a wide variety of items at reasonable prices. We truly believe any shopper will find something at our annual event.

If you enjoyed your experience at the Super Duper Garage Sale, we think you'll love Front Range Indoor Flea Market. Some of the same vendors at SDGS also have a space in the flea market. Aptly nicknamed, The Mercantile, Front Range Flea Market is open year round in Longmont, CO and open Monday through Saturday 9 am - 6 pm in a comfortable indoor shopping environment with merchandise covering 20,000 sq ft. Front Range Flea Market has been family owned for 35 years.

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